For Families

Family Circle Advisors consults with families to set up their giving plans, facilitates family retreats, and creates giving experiences for adults and children alike.

To help families raise the next generation of passionate givers, our team provides an extensive menu of services, all of which can be contracted a la carte. For families just getting started or needing to renew engagement and enthusiasm, we highly recommend our signature "Top-Secret Experiential Event." It's effectiveness lies in it's elements of surprise!


For Donors and Family Foundations

Our expertise includes two-decades of advising family foundations and donors on:

  • Strategic growth
  • Board development
  • Intergenerational engagement
  • Transfer of leadership
  • Legacy planning
  • Ethics and governance.


Talks & Workshops

Current offerings include:

  • From Lawrence Welk to Lady Gaga; Briding the Generational Divide in Family Philanthropy
  • Raising the Generous Generation ™ 
  • Giving Strategically and Making It A Family Affair
  • Women, Wealth and Wellness


For booking please contact us