Family Foundations

Hands Tree

Are you making an impact? Does your family share a common vision for their philanthropy or do family dynamics get in the way?  We help our clients plan for and avoid the mistakes that catch families by surprise so they can make game changing grants while building the bonds that will sustain them from one generation to the next.


Grandmother Grandson

Do your children / grandchildren have “generous genes?” Research shows that giving has a potent effect on children’s physical and emotional wellbeing especially when they learn in early childhood that they can “make difference.” How do you nurture the giving instinct in a 4 year old, 14-year old or 24 year old? We provide hourly consults, classes  and family retreat workshops to arm you with the tools to do just that.


Hand Giving

Who do your clients turn to for advice?

Whether you are a financial or legal advisor, you are the first professional someone encounters on their philanthropic journey. A study of established California donors revealed that they had good legal and financial advice when they started out but when it came to successfully engaging family and establishing an impactful grants program they were all alone. Advisors turn to us to provide this guidance for their clients and as an alternative to the expense of employing their own philanthropic advising staff.