Our Story

As you walk through a redwood forest you'll notice that many of the trees grow in a circle. This natural phenomenon is known as a "family circle." When a "parent" tree is stressed by disease or damage, new sprouts emerge from the root system that circles it. As these saplings mature, though the original tree passes away, its descendants stand strong inside this family circle.

Taking our lead from nature, we are here to help build strong family circles.

Our History

For over 30 years we have heard from donors throughout California and the US that although they received the legal and financial advice they needed when setting out on their philanthropic journeys, they were left on their own to navigate two of the most critical areas:

  • Giving strategically for greatest impact
  • Engaging their families, especially their children, in philanthropy

This is an entirely preventable experience. 

Giving can and should be one of the most transformational experiences of a lifetime. 

Family Circle Advisors brings together the premier practitioners in family philanthropy, social innovation, and youth giving to ensure that families experience the profound power of giving -- together.


Our Founder

Lisa Parker brings 30 years of experience in philanthropy and nonprofit management, to serve philanthropic families raising the next generation of savvy givers.  For the past thirteen years she has been the President and Executive Director of the Lawrence Welk Family Foundation, leading the Foundation's initiative to seed the youth giving movement and creating youth philanthropy programs for the family's fourth generation.

Lisa is the founder and principal of San Francisco based Family Circle Advisors. This talented team works with philanthropic families by crafting deeply meaningful giving experiences to engage and inspire each generation. With the birth of her own children Lisa embarked on a decade of study into the childhood roots of altruism and compassion resulting in the creation of on-line resources, workshops and other tools to support parents in raising the "Generous Generation ™."

Lisa is certified by 2164, a division of The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies in New York, as a consultant to multi-generational families and has been trained as a legacy advisor by Inspired Legacies. In addition, Lisa serves as an advisor and board member to numerous organizations building and expanding the philanthropic sector. She writes and speaks extensively on raising The Generous Generation ™, youth philanthropy, new models of giving and family philanthropy throughout California, the US and the UK and has been quoted in multiple publications including Town & Country and Alliance Magazine.

After graduating from UCLA, Phi Beta Kappa, Lisa interned with the Council on Foundations in Washington D.C. and went on to become the Los Angeles Program Director of the Community for Education Foundation, a youth empowerment and entrepreneurship program in South Central Los Angeles.